2017 Event Details

TEDxTellurideLive details

Note from Katrine Formby, License Holder and Organizer:

We had all been so looking forward to TEDxTellurideLive later this month but a misstep on my part (so sorry) has made it necessary to cancel TEDxTellurideLive this year. For the last six years, I have filled out the same paperwork to register for the Telluride TEDx license and everything has gone super smooth. This year I didn’t read the fine print (I figured everything was the same and therefore just skimmed the paperwork) so I didn’t catch that TED wants the simulcasts this year to be on Thursday (not the usual Tuesday). Yikes. I discovered this when I heard from TED that I had the wrong date in my application so they wanted me to change the date and of course then they would approve my application as usual. The date change has wreaked havoc with the many details that have gone into planning for TEDxTellurideLive 2017.

That hurdle and the fact that the April dates this year aren’t giving us the registration numbers we are used to (understandably so because for the first time the TED dates are in April after the mountain has closed) made it clear that we have had to cancel the event this year. Thank you in advance for your understanding and interest in this event. Please know that we plan to be back in the saddle in 2018 to continue our annual TEDxTellurideLive.

Katrine Formby

P.S. One new thing TED is doing this year is screening some of their talks into movie theaters. It’s called the “TED Cinema Experience.” It’s really worth looking into because they are doing the TED Cinema Experience in Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Denver. Here is the link for more details:


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